Diane Salters MSc.TSTA (Training and Supervising Transactional Analyst)
Therapy, supervision and coaching face to face and on line.

How we work is who we are and who we are is how we work.
Diana Shmukler


Clay pot couple

I am an experienced psychotherapy supervisor and undertake supervision individually and in groups in Cape Town. I also offer online supervision internationally to a diverse range of trainees and experienced psychotherapists and trainers.

Given my age and experience, I particularly feel drawn to supervision as a way of sharing all I have learned along the way and fostering a new generation of TA therapists and trainers. It is also a way of giving back what I have gained from my involvement in TA over the past 30 years.

My rates for supervision vary, depending on the frequency, regularity, professional level and the local economy of the supervisee.

My philosophy of supervision:

I believe that people, given a good holding environment, will naturally be inclined to become the fullest expression of their potential. This is the philosophy that I apply to supervision. I aim to offer a well managed relationship that is supportive of the supervisee while offering challenges as appropriate. The nature of this relationship will be contractually agreed and offer a space in which both I and the supervisee continue to learn and develop as professionals and people.